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Explosive Traffic Simplifies Traffic Exchanges


Explosive Traffic Simplifies Traffic Exchanges



I have to say that Traffic Exchanges is one of my least favorite ways of marketing online. It is time consuming, not acutely effective (for the amount of time you spend on them) and there are so many of them that they make me dizzy. And because there are so many of them, you have to join many of them to really use them effectively.

Because of these reasons, I have been ignoring Traffic Exchanges; even though if you spend enough time on them, you can pick some very good leads and signups. After all, people who surf Traffic Exchanges for credits are basically people who are willing to put in some work to make money. But I could not afford to spend the amount of time they need to make them work for you.

However, with the recent launch of “Explosive Traffic”, I am back into the Traffic Exchange game! It’s an ingenious Traffic Exchange Program created by John Bell, owner of Traffic Swirl and Affiliate Toolbox.

Explosive Traffic makes it very easy for ANYONE to tap into traffic from MANY different Traffic Exchanges while only surfing one or few Traffic Exchanges. You surf the Traffic Exchanges you are comfortable with and in return “Explosive Traffic” sends you unique traffic from many different Traffic Exchanges. Of course, a little setup is required but it can be done within minutes.

Explosive Traffic is powerful and yet extremely simple and easy to use.

One good feature “Explosive Traffic” has is that you can block your credits from being used on Traffic Exchanges you don’t like (or are not sure of), giving you a choice of where you get your traffic from. I like that very much.

Also, the system is set up to not let people put in bad traffic and get good traffic in return. You know, there are always people who will try to cheat the system. Explosive Traffic Google marketing recognizes good traffic from bad traffic.

Anyway, I believe it’s an awesome system every Internet Marketer should look at.